Post Qualification Training

South Coast Training and Tipper Hire is unique in South Australia in that we are a working haulage business as well as training organisation. This allows us to help our students fast track their careers in a number of unique ways.


Tipping Courses

Employers are looking for solid experience when they hire someone to operate their valuable plant and equipment. Accidents, mistakes and rough operators can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After achieving your license we offer a short tipper training course once per month on a cost recovery basis (prices may vary depending on group size). You will receive a Certificate detailing all the aspects training you received on the operation of tippers.

  • Tipping on flat ground
  • Tipping on slopes
  • Tipping near obstacles (power lines, tipping off steep edges)
  • Dealing with adverse conditions (tipping and operating a heavy vehicle in boggy conditions, driving on slopes etc)
  • Tailgate Swinging
  • Covering loads (when and how)


On the Job Training

If you need experience after completing the Tipping Course we will provide you on job training with qualified tandem tipper operator. You will get solid experience in the real world that can help fast track you into your first job in the industry.